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Centralised Vacuum Loading System


- Centralised Vacuum Loading Systems are ideal to transport materials from Day bins or silos , direct to multiple machines without need of de-vanning or intermediate storage requirements.

- Ideal for connection to either Manual or Automatic Material Selector systems.

- Reliable , High Capacity oil free Pumps , provide high ultimate vacuum , for smooth flow over long distances , with added pump filter protection.

- Capacity to 20,000 kgs/hr and distances to 150 m.
- Single or Multiple Vacuum Pump Applications , with Back up and slave controllers.

- Central Dust Collector , with Electronic vacuum Sensors , replaceable Cartridge Filters , Automated filter Pulse cleaning & removable dust collector.

- Loader Sizes : 2 6 11 22 50 litre Volumes.

- Connect up to 32 Loaders off a Single Controller.

- Back Up Pump Controller - Optional.

- Central PC Operation - Optional

Standard Features

- Central Start/Stop and full control of All Loaders and Pumps from single Operator Console or at the loader.

- Automatic and manual Pump control , with power save and pump flush feature.

- Control Loader filling by using Fill Sensor control or Fill Time control , or both.

- Set Filter clean times and vacuum levels to maximise throughput and efficiency.

- Set Alarm Points for Loaders , Vacuum levels , Pump maintenance requirement , etc.

- Led Status Display of Pump and loader Operation.

- LCD Display to show real time sequence and operation of all components.

- Access Historical data for run hours , cycles completed , average vacuum levels , etc

Operating Features

- All Central Loading Systems utilize Proprietary control software , based on a Central Processing
PCB and I/O System, providing easy customization and flexibility.

- Extensive Pump research has resulted in extreme pump efficiency , based on oil free; Rotary Lobe design , achieving Vacuum levels down to 50 mbar , enabling high material transfer rates per kw of drive power - example 3.3 kw drive , will supply a throughput of 800-1000 kgs/hr @ a 50 metre pipe run.

- Dual Filtering on every system Every Vacuum Pump is fitted with its own inlet protection filter to eliminate reduced throughput from rotor contamination .

- The Main Self Cleaning Cartridge Filter is made of all Stainless Steel components .

This result is non rusting , rugged long life components , combined with ease of access and cleaning combined with a high capacity dust collector , ensures long life and trouble free operation.

- Vacuum Loader Hoppers are fitted with exclusive vacuum valve technology , eliminating the need for air connections to operate costly pneumatic valves to open the vacuum supply.

- All Vacuum Loaders are of Stainless Steel construction and incorporate an integrated S/S Mesh Filter , so eliminate the need for time consuming cleaning and machine downtime - cloth Filters are optional but not generally required.

- All Loaders or group of loaders are connected to the main controller via a junction box and simple data cable connection plug and play at its very best !!!!

- Digital Input Operator Panel for fast & easy selection and control of Loaders and Pumps


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