The Centauri range of Automatic Bottom Weld Plastic Bag Making Machines for the manufacture of plastic sacks and bags in (LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE)



The Centauri machine is constructed by two steel side frames 12mm thick and is held together by mechanical flanges, the side covers are of sheet steel fitted with electrical safety devices.

There are two sealing bars, the bottom is fixed while the upper one open and closes by mechanical cams, the tension on the sealing is controlled by air pistons mounted each side of the machine. The sealing bars can be equipped with 2.5 or 4.8 x 0.35mm sealing wire depending on the thickness of the material to be sealed. The cutting is performed by a fixed knife mounted on a timing belt that is driven by a Servo motor. The draw rollers rubber covered and are 100mm diameter with tension rollers top and bottom. We are also able to offer Block sealing as an option with a suction system on the lower sealing bars.

The material is conveyed after being sealed and cut by means of air fingers mounted on the top and bottom of the draw rollers, each air finger is interchangeable.

Sealed bags are then clamped with out the use of pins and springs to a preset, batch count is delivered onto an automatic indexing table that has a standard length of 1.30 meters equipped with safety covers.

The machine has three sets of anti static bars to eliminate static electricity from the plastic film.

Machine Function

Operation of the machine is by a computer, that is panel mounted on the end of the indexing table, by use of touch screen.
All the electrical systems are controlled by PLC.
Adjustment of the bag length is by the touch screen.
Setting the machine speed is also by the touch screen display.
Repeat welding is a function for the very thick bags and enable the sealing bars to come up and down twice before the flying knife cuts the bags.
Dwell time for the sealing bars to stay together for a set period of time.
Stagger welding does not have all the welds in the same place to avoid sticking.
Warm up time is adjustable and allows the machine to cycle before production to give the sealing bars time to reach running temperature, the material will move back automatically of the sealing bars until production starts.
In manual mode you are able to slowly feed the machine with material to assist the feeding.
There is an automatic error display for any malfunction that has taken place and stops the machine, the error codes will be held in memory until cleared.
The error display will show any covers left open, air supply, bag jam etc.
All access to the settings like positioning of the electronic cam, are protected by a password.
Access to the configuration settings of the machine is protected by a password.
On the display is a bag counter, Batch counter and time.
There is also the ability to operate non stop or stop cycle between each batch count.
The machine will stop automatically with the sealing bars in the open position.
Bag Jam detection and end of the reels will automatically stop the machine.


Block Sealing

Automatic indexing table length 1.80 or 2.40 meters

Hole perforation curve regulated (controlled spacing of the material) or with 3mm punches.

Made in France

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