Servo Motor controlling the front draw rollers which are fitted with helical gears. It is possible to fit this machine with double draw rollers driven by a belt from the front draw rollers. In special applications these double rollers can be fitted with separate servo motors which run in master slave configuration.

Servo motor on the cutting - this innovation permits a fixed cutting position (i.e. cutting assembly does not move up and down with top weld bar). Now the cutting only makes 1 rotation per cycle, with automatic speed adjustment, thanks to an electronic cam.
LCD Display
Touch Screen for the programming and control of the operations as listed below.
- Adjustment of the bag length.
- Repeat weld (to seal twice on the same bag) with the possibility to retard the film in order to make a stronger seal or to have two separate seals at the bottom of the bag.
- Dwell weld, automatic and adjustable variation of the speed during the cycle in order to obtain a longer sealing time.
- Alternating bag length feature for staggering seals to avoid the self welding of seals, suitable also for printed material. The stagger is adjustable on the touch screen.
- Cycle speed regulated by a frequency controlled motor AC 2.2kW progressive start up allowing smooth start up transition. The speed can be read on the touch screen.
- Preheat facility will retard the film 15mm on machine start up, cycle the machine to the value set by the touch screen (0 to 20) allowing sealing wires time to heat, then advance the film 15mm, seal and deliver to length.
- Web advance/retard buttons for easy webbing of the machine and the setting up of printed material.
- Display of errors and defaults (open doors or guards, lack of air, electronic security on a motor or a circuit etc). with the indication of the last error or default.
- Full cams control within the PLC with access via the touch screen with a pass number.
- Machine set up via the touch screen with a pass number.
- Individual control of top and bottom weld bars for improved sealing control. This system also allows the fitting of two different size wires allowing a better tolerance for the alignment.

The display of the percentage of current for each sealing bar appears also on the touch screen (when the option of analogue control has been selected)
- Adjusting of the registration of the photo cell for printed film.
- Preselect totaliser and hour counter.
- Non interrupted or interrupted index.
- 50 Program memory.
- Alarm detection of the photo cell.

Front View
- Rear capstan feed roller driven by a 2.2kW AC motor inverter.
- Dancing bar accumulator controls the input speed of the capstan roller. It is fitted with a pneumatic piston which allows the weight of the dancing bar to be adjusted. It also permits lifting of the dancing bar to assist webbing of the film.
- Push button override of rear capstan feed rollers to assist webbing up.
- Static eliminator bars.
- Electrical panel PLC controlled on the right side of the machine.
- Pneumatic system with reservoir receiver to provide air to fingers bars for air cushion bag delivery.
- Individual air finger replacement without the removal of the complete air bar.
- Instant emergency stopping of the machine by brake for safety.
- Machine automatically stops with the weld bars open when normal stop buttons are operated.
- Anti jamming device for sealing head and cutting system protection.
- Safety guards.
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