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Extrusion Control Systems


- The Extrusion Control System is a imperative tool for controlling average thickness , or Weight per metre of any product.

- The Extrusion Control System maintains the Kgs/hr of your extruder by controlling the Extruder RPM or the Haul Off Speed .

- Maintain perfect Thickness & Roll weights 24/7.

- Eliminate thickness/throughput fluctuations due to ambient temperature variations.

- Eliminate thickness/throughput fluctuations due to clogged screen changers or filters.

- Eliminate thickness/throughput fluctuations due to variable bulk density or poor recycle quality.

- Reduce Start Up/Job Change Waste by 30 %.

- Target specific down gauging applications.

- Average payback period -3 months.

- 0.05 % of Target Running Accuracy.

- Printer Port and Software - Optional.

- Ethernet communication - Optional.

Standard Features

- Available in 4 sizes 0-250 , 250-500 , 450-650 , 650-900 kgs/hr throughput capacity.

- Suitable for any continuous Extrusion process using free flowing granules or powder , and is also suitable for some starve or compression feed applications.

- Designed to fit below you existing Hopper/Blender with a minimal height requirement of 400 mm.

- Haul Off & Extruder speed inputs included , Extruder speed control / module included.

- Sturdy Slide valve for material delivery from hopper/blender into Internal Weigh Hopper.

- Hinged Lids on outer Hoppers , provides easy access to internal weigh hopper.

- Integrated Adapter flange for feed throat mounting no adapter or hopper extensions required .

Operating Features

- All Products utilize Proprietary control software , based on a Central Processing PCB and I/O System, providing easy customization and a level of accuracy others just dream of .

- The Extrusion Controller contains an internal Weigh hopper suspended by 2 highly sensitive load cells , which continuously measure the loss in weight inside the internal hopper . The load cells are protected from vibration with rubber mounts and through software filtering .

- The material from the hopper/blender is delivered to the Internal weight hopper via a slide valve arrangement . The slide is opened when the load cells detect a pre programmed minimum weight , and shuts again when it approaches a pre-program maximum weight . The amount of material delivered is unimportant , as the controller re-measure the new amount of material in the hopper . The simple calculation of loss in weight over time gives the actual Kgs/hr of the process.

- By connecting Weighbatch input modules to read both the Haul Off Speed and Extruder speed , the controller can then measure actual weight per metre of the product . A further Speed Control module/pot is then connected , which regulates the RPM of the extruder ( or Haul off speed ) in fine increments to maintain a perfect throughput .Therefore a perfect Weight/thickness of product.

- A single operator input is required - weight per metre ( displayed as Grm/m ) , which is generally obtained from the Job order ( a simple formula dividing number of metres per roll by the kgs per roll ).

- Control Modes : Kg/hr , Grm/m , M/min , remote ( for PC Operation ).

- 2 Security levels for Lock out requirements.

- LCD readout panel gives real - time results , showing actual Vs Target thickness & throughput.

- LED Columns for entering Target Weight Per Metre or Thickness.

- Optional :

1) Film/Pipe Line software to show Microns and Wall thickness - requires width input
2) Operator/Remote PC to single/multiple Extrusion control modules , Blenders , etc


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